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Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Calendar of Events

Upcoming Coure Offerings

Semester Course Instructor
Summer I 2014 HIS 660 Field Studies Dr. Gaydosh
Fall 2014 HIS 543 Jews in Modern European History, R 7:15-10:00pm, Main 212  

Dr. Friedman

Fall 2014 HIS 548 Women and the Holocaust, M 5:50-8:35pm, SMB 208 Dr. Kirschenbaum
Fall 2014 PHI 512 Ethical Theories, M 4:25-7:10pm, Main 303

Dr. Woolfrey

Fall 2014 PHI 411 The Problem of War, W 4:25-7:10pm, Main 213 Dr. Subar


Holocaust and Genocide Courses

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Future Holocaust and Genocide Studies Events

For additional information please contact Brenda Gaydosh at bgaydosh@wcupa.edu


April 28, 2014 Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Ha-Shoah) Program

Dr. Helene Sinnreich, Director of Jewish Studies at Youngstown State University will be giving a lecture on her research on women in the Lodz ghetto.

Dr. Sinnreich is the Director of the Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies at Youngstown State University. She is the editor in chief of the Journal of Jewish Identities. Dr. Sinnreich has served as a fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. and at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Her research focuses on victim experiences during the Holocaust. Her forthcoming book on Lodz Ghetto survivor Heinek Fogel will be published by Yad Vashem.

Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Philips Autograph Library



Trip to Rwanda – June 2014

West Chester University professors Rebecca Chancellor (Psychology), Brenda Gaydosh (History), and Aaron Rundus (Psychology) are taking students to Rwanda in June 2014. The group will travel the country learning about the history, animal life and culture of Rwanda. Professor Gaydosh will accompany the History and Holocaust Genocide students on a special tour to sites of the Rwandan Genocide. Anyone interested in this trip should contact Dr. Gaydosh at bgaydosh@wcupa.edu.


Summer 2015: Turkey, Turkistan, and Armenia

Two thousand fifteen will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenia Genocide. The International Association of Genocide Scholars will be holding their annual meeting in Yerevan, Armenia. Professor Brenda Gaydosh will be taking students to Turkey, Turkistan, and Armenia accompanied by local guides. We will visit the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and attend the Genocide Scholars Conference in Yerevan. Those interested should contact Dr. Gaydosh at bgaydosh@wcupa.edu.