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Graduate Assistantship (GA) Opportunities

A limited number of clinical and non-clinical (laboratory) graduate assistantships are available to students who are BOC credentialed and eligible for Pennsylvania state licensure.  The assistantship sites include: West Chester University, Ursinus College, West Chester East High School, West Chester Rustin High School, West Chester Henderson High School, and the HEAT Institute. Prior to starting assistanstship, all sites will require professional liability insurance coverage, CPR/FA certification, and state licensure.  For placement at an off-campus high school additional requirements include: completion of state criminal background check, TB testing, state child abuse history clearance.  Students must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA in order maintain their assistantship. 

These opportunities provide full tuition reimbursement and a stipend.  For more information about graduate assistantships please contact Dr. Katherine Morrison at .

Current Graduate Assistants


Cassandra Byrnes, 2nd Year GA

ga byrnes

Assignment: WCU Volleyball & Women's Basketball

Previous Education: West Chester University


Marguerite Carver, 2nd Year GA

ga carver

Assignment: West Chester East High School

Previous Education: Kings College


Michael Gonzalez, 2nd Year GA

ga gonzalez

Assignment: West Chester Rustin High School

Previous Education: Salisbury University


JoAnna Iacono, 2nd Year GA

ga iacono

Assignment: Urisinus College

Previous Education: Eastern University


Lauren Stout, 2nd Year GA

ga stout

Assignment: West Chester Henderson High School

Previous Education: Penn State University


Nick Schmidt, 1st Year GA

Nick Schmidt

Assignment: WCU Men's Soccer & Women's Lacrosse

Previous Education: Penn State University


Craig Hartman, 1st Year GA

Craig Hartman

Assignment: WCU Men's Basketball

Previous Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Ashley Errickson, 1st Year GA

Ashley errickson

Assignment: WCU Women's Gymnastics

Previous Education: Messiah College

Jeremy Funk, 1st Year GA

Jeremy Funk

Assignment: WCU Cross Country & Baseball

Previous Education: King University

Megan Couch, 1st Year GA

Megan Couch

Assignment: WCU Field Hockey & Softball

Previous Education: University of Delaware


Jerome McKeiver,1st Year GA

Jerome McKeiver

Assignment: WCU HEAT Institute

Previous Education: West Chester University