Sports Medicine

West Chester University

Carolyn Jimenez, Ph.D., ATC
216 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Katherine E. Morrison, PhD, ATC





    Position Title:

               Associate Professor, Sports Medicine



     Contact Information:

               Telephone: (610) 436-1091                  





     Ph.D.     University of Delaware, Newark DE                      Biomechanics and Movement Science

                          Dissertation Title: Examination of Dynamic Foot Pressure Distributions, Running

                                                      Mechanics, and a Lateral Hop in Subjects with Chronic Lateral Ankle


     M.S.       James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA        Health Education

     B.S.       West Chester University, West Chester PA          Athletic Training


Clinical Responsibilities:

     Women's Gymnastics

Teaching Responsibilities:

     Undergraduate Courses:

           SMD 212- Pathophysiology of Athletic Injuries/Illnesses I

           SMD 261- Surface Anatomy

           SMD 310- Therapeutic Modalities

           SML 310- Therapeutic Modalities Laboratory

           SML 311- Therpeutic Exercise Laboratory          

           SMD 361- Kinesiology

    Graduate Courses:

          SMD 500- Cadaver Anatomy Lecture

          KIN 592- Seminar in Sports Medicine

Research Interests:

     Ankle Biomechanics

     Ankle Instability


     Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Dr. Morrison's Curriculum Vitae

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