COE Technology Center

West Chester University

310 Recitation Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Call: (610) 738-0347
Fax : (610) 436-3102


Student Teacher Laptops

Both PC and Mac laptops that student teachers borrow have the following software pre-installed:

Microsoft Office (PCs have Office 2010 & Macs have Office 2011)

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software


Adobe Reader

Mozilla Firefox

iLife (Macs Only)


Recitation Lab & Classroom

The College of Education Technology Center supports a classroom and a lab that both utilize technology for instructional purposes. These iMac computers have the following software pre-installed (note: students and faculty are not allowed to install new software on these computers):

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

Microsoft Office 2011


Comic Life

Adobe Reader

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


Software for Student & Faculty Personal Use

The College of Education Technology Center does not have licenses available for students who need copies of Microsoft Office; however, West Chester University does provide Microsoft Office and other software for a reduced cost.


Education Pricing for Student Computers

West Chester does not allow students to purchase old computers; however, students can view recommended specifications for computer purchases provided by ResNet.

Various computer manufacturers provide discounted rates for college students:

Apple Student Discount

Dell Student Discount

HP Student Discount

Lenovo Student Discount