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College of Education
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Steps in Meeting the Community Service Experience

1. Plan your community service experience. The College of Education’s undergraduate program counselor, 251 F.H.G. Library, will help candidates identify and locate appropriate service opportunities (if needed).

2. Complete the Community Service Pre-Approval Form (available in 251 FHG Library, department/program offices, and this website). Submit your pre-approval form for review and approval by the undergraduate program counselor in 251 FHG Library. Both undergraduate and post-baccalaureate candidates are supported in completing the community service requirement by the undergraduate program counselor.

3. The undergraduate program counselor will review your pre-approval form; if approved you will be given a copy. If the counselor is unavailable, leave the pre-approval in the DROP-OFF box and you will be notified by email when it has been reviewed.

4. Read the prompts on the reverse side of the Community Service Verification Form and Reflective Statement before you begin your community service experience. These prompts guide the reflective statement that you will write at the conclusion of your pre-approved service.

5. Complete your pre-approved community service experience. Secure all signatures on the Verification Form, and write the Reflective Statement (2 ½ to 5 pages). Submit these together to the undergraduate program counselor. (The counselor’s office staff will review your verification form and evaluate your reflective statement using the attached assessment rubric. If your completed form and reflective statement are approved, you will be informed by email of your successful completion of the requirement. If they are not approved, you will be advised through email by the undergraduate program counselor’s office on how to address any deficiencies that are found.)

6. Attach ONLY a copy of your Verification Form to your application for Formal Admission to Teacher Education.

Please direct any questions to the undergraduate program counselor, Judith MacDonald:

251 FHG Library

Tel: 610-436-0042


Printable PDF: Steps in Meeting the Community Service Experience