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Program Requirements

A common set of core courses in the areas of action research, educational foundations, educational technology, educational psychology, and curriculum development will be taken by all students.  Each of these core courses are designed to provide students with the specific knowledge and skills necessary to construct a final action research project.  In addition to the core courses, students, in consultation with an advisor from the program, will develop an area of focused inquiry. The area of specialization will help in developing the framework to be able to address each student's chosen research. The program's flexibility gives students the exciting opportunity to take classes from different departments from across the university, including courses in environmental education, special education, women’s studies, social work, psychology, history, mathematics, and English.

Courses in order: EDF591, EDF511, Focused Inquiry 1, EDP570, Focused Inquiry 2, EDF588, Focused Inquiry 3, EDT511, Focused Inquiry 4, EDS502, EDF593, EDF595

Upon completion of all course requirements, the complete final action research project will be presented before a committee consisting of the student’s advisor and two other members of the department faculty.  This presentation will be open to the university community and is an excellent way to demonstrate and build dialogue to a wider audience.  The program requirements are aligned with the standards of NCATE, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education; NBPTS, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards; Council of Learned Societies in Education; and the outcomes of the West Chester University Conceptual framework.

In completing the program, educators will be equiped with an enhanced conceptual framework, and the knowledge and skills to conduct research in their own workplace setting. This important research is therefore authentic, in that it will allow educators to become change agents within their classroom, within the context of their school, and within society. 


Student Advising Sheet

EDF 511 Foundations of Transformative Education

This course is designed to engage the student in an exploration of the social, historical, and philosophical foundations of education, emphasizing classroom practice and action research. The student will initially explore his or her thematic concern in light of these foundations, creating a philosophy of education or an action research problem analysis.

EDF 591 Introduction to Critical Action Research

At the completion of this course, students will have identified their thematic concerns and will have begun the cycle of Action Research.

EDS 570 Cognition and Transformation

In this course, students are to understand how developmental issues in adolescents and emerging adults impact their thematic concern. They will also learn techniques for addressing the educational and social needs of students.

EDF 588 Critical Pedagogy and the Politics of Education

This course will provide students with the analytical skills and the conceptual framework with which they can analyze the political, economic and cultural relationships that affect American politics and apply them to their thematic concern in a written report format.

EDT 511 Social and Cultural Implications of Educational Technology

At the conclusion of this course, candidates will have prepared a report which discusses the ways that technology can impact the thematic concern. This includes both the negative impact of technology as well as the ways that technology can positively affect the concern.

EDS 502 Curriculum Development in a Diverse Society

EDS502 is designed to improve candidates' skills as instructional designers within a diverse society. Within this course students will design an educational program/curriculum that will result in a positive impact on her/his thematic concern. The final product of this course will be inserted in the students Action Research Thesis as Chapter four.

EDF 593 Evaluation of Educational and Social Change

The students will develop the evaluation chapter of their action research study (Chapter 4). Specifically, the student will design an evaluation of a change or intervention which they would implement in their classroom or educational institution.

EDF 595 Critical Action Research Thesis Project

At the conclusion of this course, candidates will have prepared an action research paper addressing the thematic concern. It will be written in APA style that integrates knowledge and skills from previous courses.