Office of Service-Learning
& Volunteer Programs

West Chester University

Office Location: B 19 Killinger Hall
Mailing Address: 238 Sykes Union
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-436-3379

Student Testimonials

"Service-learning at WCU has inspired me to pursue a career in non-profit service and helped me put my education into action. I believe the service-learning opportunities at West Chester are a great tool for preparing for the future and getting involved in important causes." Thad, fourth-year student


"The self-gratification that you get from helping someone is enough to spark an interest in volunteering.  To know that you can learn from the person(s) you help and they can learn from you is extraordinary and well worth your time."   Marylisa, second-year student


“Being involved in the MADD court monitoring service-learning project in my HEA 103 class was a great opportunity to contribute to the fight against drinking and driving. This experience was both eye-opening and educational.” Alisha, fourth-year student


I have learned more in the last two semesters of service learning in PSY 448, than I did in my entire high school career.  ECCEL is an amazing program where you learn through research and field experience with children and gain insight and knowledge through interaction with young minds.”Alyssa, second- year student


 “The service learning project in my EDE 352 class has given me first-hand experience of working with students of Hispanic backgrounds that I will take with me in my future teaching career. “ Joy, third-year student


" I will leave knowing that I was able to make a positive impact in at least one child's life." Matthew, fourth-year student


“The service-learning project in my SPA 304 class increased my confidence in using my Spanish language skills to converse with native speakers, while also allowing me to use my experiences at West Chester to educate younger students about the academic possibilities available to them”.  Stephanie, third-year student


"The service-learning project in my SOC 370 class has taught me that one person can make a difference in the lives of others".  Sara, fourth-year student


"The older population is forgotten about in our society. They just want someone to listen to their story and hear what they have to say." Heather, second-year student