Judicial Affairs
and Student Assistance

West Chester University

Ms. Christina Brenner
238 Sykes Student Union
West Chester, PA 19383

Student Assistance

The Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Assistance provides assistance and support for students who are away from the campus for a minimum of three class days due to illness, personal or family emergencies. A note will be circulated to the student's professors advising the professor of the absence. The student is also encouraged to contact his/her professors to make arrangements on any missed work.

How to utilize this service:

  • The student or family member contacts the Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Assistance at 610-436-3511 with the following information:
    • Student Name
    • Student WCU ID
    • Reason for absence
    • Whether the student lives on campus, off campus or is a commuter
    • The anticipated return date to school (if known)
    • Whether the student has already made any contact with faculty