Judicial Affairs
and Student Assistance

West Chester University

Ms. Christina Brenner
238 Sykes Student Union
West Chester, PA 19383

Community Relations/Off-Campus Behavior

Part of the mission of West Chester University is to educate students on civic engagement by becoming socially responsible citizens. Students who choose to live in off-campus housing in the Borough of West Chester are encouraged to be good neighbors who practice responsible citizenship and are respectful of the rules and laws that govern our community.

To ensure responsible citizenship, the WCU Student Code of Conduct encompasses both on-campus and off-campus behaviors which include violation of Borough, state and federal laws. A student is responsible for their behavior, regardless of where they live, and violations will be processed in accordance with guidelines as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct

Sanction conditions for off-campus violations are designed to affirm a commitment to positive community relations and may include Community Conferencing, Community Service, participating in a “Town-Gown” event, and/or attending a West Chester Borough Council meeting. The University is dedicated to the goal of students being engaged into the rich fabric of our diverse West Chester community through their positive contributions and conscientious behavior as representatives of WCU.