Student Health Services

West Chester University

Contact Information:
Wayne Hall, 2nd Floor


  • All students who have paid the Student Health Services fee are eligible to use services. Fees are added to the tuition and fees bill for all
    full-time undergraduate and graduate students.
  • There is a $12 visit fee for all appointments at Student Health Services, including medical care, BASICS, and nutrition education.
  • There is a $20 visit fee for students who have not paid the Student Health Services fee with tuition (part time students and graduate students, on-line enrollment)
  • You may incur additional charges for medication or needed supplies. You may always request to be given information about getting prescriptions and supplies from an outside pharmacy.
  • $20 fee for pap smears (without insurance)

Payment for Health Services:

  • Charges for visits will automatically be posted to your student account.
  • Charges will not reveal any confidential health information. You can pay for these charges at the Bursar’s Office or on line through Quickpay.
    • The Bursars office accepts cash, checks or money orders.
    • Payments on Quickpay can be made with either an e-check or credit card (American Express, Discover of Master Card).