Department of Counseling
& Psychological Services

West Chester University

Julie Perone, Ph.D.
715 S. New Street
Commonwealth Hall Suite 60
West Chester, PA 19383
610-436-2301(Phone #)
610-436-3114(Fax #)

Outreach Workshop Series

Self-Care and Balance: How to “Do You” (and everything else too!)
Monday February 20
Sykes Rm. 210

Come together with peers to discuss finding balance, rediscover what makes you happy, and learned how to juggle school, work, home and relationships while maximizing your peace of mind.

Managing Emotions
Monday March 5
Sykes Rm. 210

On an emotional roller coaster?  Struggling to deal with intense feelings?  Come together with peers and learn how to better identify what you are feeling and manage your emotions in healthy ways.

Improving Relationships: Drama-free at WC!
Monday March 26
Sykes Rm. 254


Learn about interpersonal problem solving and practice how to resolve conflicts with others in healthy and productive ways.

Anxiety and Relaxation - The Art of Staying Calm
Monday April 16
Sykes Rm. 210