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Counseling Center Charges

Effective July 1, 2011, a charge of $10 will be assessed if you schedule an appointment in the Counseling Center with any of the providers and then do not show up for the appointment. To avoid this charge, please call to cancel your appointment (giving 24 hours' notice) if you find that your needs have changed or that you cannot make your scheduled time.

A charge of $10 is still in effect for all ongoing Psychiatric appointments.  Initial Assessments with either of the psychiatrists will carry a $20 charge.

There is no charge at this time for counseling appointments with the Psychologists and Doctoral Trainees.

Individual Counseling for Personal Problem Solving
Personal counseling consists of a one-to-one counseling experience where the focus is upon resolving personal conflicts, conflicts with others and upon improving your expertise at making personally meaningful choices. It may also help some people avoid decisions which restrict their personal growth and undermine their well being.

Note that the Counseling Center ascribes to a brief therapy form of treatment. Once you have had a Triage appointment and been assigned to a counselor, you will work in conjunction with that individual to determine your level of need. Having well-defined goals in therapy often leads to better treatment outcomes.
Individual Vocational Counseling
Vocational counseling consists of a one-to-one counseling experience that focuses upon your choice of major and vocation. Vocational choice is most solid when it is the outgrowth of understanding yourself. Such understanding requires time and thought and involves identifying your own style, values, interests and abilities. Psychological testing as well as discussion often enhances self-understanding.
Group Counseling
Each semester a number of Counseling Center psychologists and doctoral-level trainees lead (or co-lead) groups. The groups vary, depending on the needs of the students and the special interests of the group leaders. In the past, groups have been offered with a particular focus on stress and anxiety, relationship issues, problem-solving groups, and loss/grief issues.

Groups are a powerful means of growth and change because students who face similar issues not only provide support and insight for their peers in the group, but they also benefit from the tremendous understanding and encouragement they receive from others. Group members are privy to different perspectives and viewpoints that they may not have considered. Honestly, many students tend to shy away from groups, preferring individual counseling, thinking that that's the quickest and safest way to resolve their issues. But the opposite is true for most students…. Those who have pushed past their apprehension have reported the group experience to be beyond their expectations. While individual counseling sessions tend to be short-term, there is no limit to the number of group sessions a student can have.

Please read the following Frequent Questions and Answers section or call the Counseling Center for more information. Here is listing of groups currently offered.

Crisis Intervention
Counseling Center Psychologists provide mental health crisis services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when classes are in session. During the work day, students who are in urgent need of mental health assistance may walk into the Counseling Center and indicate that it is a potentially life-threatening emergency. After hours, the mental health crisis service may be accessed by contacting Campus Police via the Public Safety Office (610-436-3311); the responding officer will then contact the counselor on call.

When classes are not in session and a mental health emergency arises, calls should be directed to: Valley Creek Crisis Intervention (610-918-2100) located at 469 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341-2508.

Psychiatric Services
The Counseling Center has two part-time consulting psychiatrists available to assist in evaluations and follow up where medication may be necessary as an adjunct to counseling. This service is available to students who are in an on-going counseling relationship with a department psychologist, intern, or practicum student and may not be accessed independently.

Students who are stable on medication prescribed by a physician at home are advised to remain with that treating physician. In the past, parents and students have expressed concern that they can't get home frequently enough, so they prefer to see a psychiatrist on campus. Our experience has been that students have done extremely well in working with physicians at home and are usually relieved to find that there are several breaks each semester. With proper planning, students can continue to work with the doctor at home who knows their history and has been following their treatment.

For students who are engaging in therapy with a Counseling Center psychologist or trainee and who find they need a psychiatric assessment, there is a minimal charge. Effective July 1, 2011, there is a twenty dollar ($20.00) charge for an Initial Assessment with the psychiatrist. Subsequent appointments with the psychiatrist will carry a ten dollar ($10.00) charge. As with all appointments at the Counseling Center, if you schedule an appointment and fail to show for it or cancel with less than 24 hours' notice, you will be assessed a "No Show" or "Late Cancellation" charge of ten dollars ($10.00). To avoid having this "Health Center Hold" on your account, you may pay with your RAM Card or with a check at the Counseling Center Front Desk. We are unable to accept cash or credit cards.

Counseling Center psychologists are available to consult with faculty, staff and students via phone. On occasion, university community members call out of concern for another student's mental health. Psychologists in the Counseling Center will listen to your concerns and assist you in finding ways to deal with the presenting situation.

At times, individuals call for assistance with finding a mental health provider in the area. The Counseling Center maintains a Referral Guide that is updated on a fairly regular basis, so referrals to other mental health professionals can be provided. It should be noted that students who have insurance would do best to contact the Membership Benefits and Services number on the back of their insurance card and locate providers who are in their network.

Counseling Center psychologists and psychological trainees often present workshops or educational programs on campus. In the past, topics have included coping with stress, communicating more effectively, dealing with differences, eating disorders, and how to help a troubled student.

Alcohol Awareness Education
The Student health and Wellness Center's alcohol awareness page describes programs and information sources concerning consequences of alcohol use as well as strategies for avoiding dangerous situations. It also provides information on Alcoholics Anonymous groups and "E-chug" (a web-based alcohol check-up) that gives personalized information about alcohol use.
Drug and Alcohol Counseling

The Counseling Center has a part-time Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor who is on campus two days per week. Students who are motivated to reduce their alcohol or drug consumption are allowed one-on-one sessions with this counselor. As with all counseling services, interested students should come to the Counseling Center during one of the posted triage times for a brief assessment.

Effective July 1, 2011, any student who schedules an Initial Assessment with the alcohol counselor and fails to show for the appointment will be assessed a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) charge.

Due to demand and limited resources, the alcohol counselor will not meet with students who have been court-ordered; those students who have ordered to receive an assessment and/or treatment must use resources outside the school.

Counseling Center Charges

Effective July 1, 2011, a charge of $10.00 will be assessed if you schedule an appointment in the Counseling Center with any of the providers and do not show up for the appointment. To avoid this charge, please call the Center (610-436-2301) to cancel your appointment (giving a minimum of 24 hours' notice) If you find that your needs have changed or that you cannot make your scheduled time.

There is no charge at this time for therapy appointments with the Psychologists or Doctoral-level Trainees in the Counseling Center.