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Non-Traditional Students

A non-traditional student is any person over the age of 24 who is attending college for the first time or returning after an extended absence.  Unlike traditional students who enter college immediately after high school, non-traditional students (“non-trads” for short) often work full or part-time, are married or partnered, and/or care for children or elderly parents.  As a result of their additional life responsibilities and period of absence from the classroom, non-trads often need access to additional support and services.

Resources for Non-Traditional Students Absolutely the most comprehensive online resource for non-traditional women students.  Included are links to information about childcare, study skills, discount software and textbooks, and even time-saving meal plans for students with little time to spare.  Use the message board to connect with other non-traditional students, and keep yourself up-to-date with the online newsletter.


 Off-Campus Housing Resources - The website for WCU Off-Campus and Commuter Services.  Includes a link to, where local property owners list available rentals.


You can also contact Chris Brenner, the Director of Off-Campus and Commuter Services, by phone at 610-436-2984, or email at


Resources for Student Mothers


Resources for Technology Instruction - The website for Delaware County Community College, which offers low-cost online classes in Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as various one-day training programs in Microsoft Office applications. - The website for the Exton branch of the Chester County Library, which offers free computer training courses in basics, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  Click on “find an event”, and select “computer adult”.  Registration usually begins a month or so in advance.