The Women's Center

West Chester University

Alicia Hahn-Murphy
Lawrence Center 220
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: 610-436-2122
Fax: 610-436-3160

Get Involved

There are endless ways to get involved with the Women's Center.

Umbrella Stats

The Women's Center is a great place to volunteer. We offer opportunities both large and small that fit your interests and abilities. We strive to empower students to achieve their leadership goals, so you if have an

idea for a project, we will work together to try to make it happen. To apply as a volunteer, fill out this form and e-mail it to Jennifer Wenzel or bring in a hard copy to the Women's Center.

Join the Association for Women's Empowerment
The Association for Women's Empowerment meets every Monday night at 7:30pm in the Women's Center. Weekly meetings take a variety of formats from films to visiting speakers, from discussions to creative projects. New members and ideas always welcome!

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Get invaluable resume-building experience while providing service to the Women's Center. The Director will work with you to customize your internship to meet your career-related needs, skills, and interests. Not just for Women's Studies majors! Contact Alicia-Hahn Murphy.

Paid Employment
There are several staff positions open to undergraduate and graduate students each year. Also, work-study students can request to be assigned to the Women's Center. Contact Alicia Hahn-Murphy to discuss potential job assignments.

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