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Unauthorized Purchasing Card Use

Use of a University issued purchasing card for any of the activities listed below may result in the cancellation of your account.

Personal Use - Personal purchases or use of the card for personal identification. The card is intended for official university business purposes only, i.e., it is not to be used in any manner for personal purposes.
Splitting of Purchases - Charges for a purchase MUST NOT BE SPLIT into multiple transactions to stay within the single purchase limit.
Sales Tax - The Cardholder must inform the Vendor that the goods are NOT to be taxed. If the vendor requires an official tax exemption certificate, the cardholder shall contact the Card Program Administrator who will fax a copy directly to the vendor. WCU’s Tax Exempt number is 23-2417773 and is imprinted on the face of the card.
Gift Cards - Under no circumstance may gift cards be purchased with a purchasing card.
Purchase of Food - Generally, food costs may be reimbursed for official meetings involving outside guests only. The connection with University business must be fully explained on the receipt, and the expenditure must have prior approval of the Dean in the academic areas and in the non-academic areas by a Vice President. This written approval must be submitted with the monthly reconciliation package. See Use of Public Funds Policy for more information regarding the purchase of food.
Purchase of Flowers - Flowers or seasonal decorations may not be purchased from public funds. See Use of Public Funds Policy for more information.
Travel – The purchasing card may NOT be utilized for travel related lodging, subsistence, transportation and entertainment expenses.
All monthly reconciliation packages (billing statements) must be signed by the cardholder AND the cost center manager.
A note of justification of the expense must be included with the reconciliation package. Expense justification includes how the expense conforms to official university business.
Reconciliation packages (Statements of Account) are due to Finance, Budget, and Business Services no later than 2 weeks after the billing date.
Receipts must be attached to the statement in the same order as listed on the statement.
This document contains only selected portions of the full Purchasing Card Policy and procedures manual. Cardholders are reminded that it is their responsibility to adhere to the requirements of the full policy.