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Work Control: 610-436-2444 or extension 2444
  January 2015  
  Are you looking for a way to identify those chargebacks on your BI/SAP Report? Need a report of your Motor Pool charges for the month?  
  •   This document will assist you with your questions.  
  Chargeback Reporting Information
  If you should find any errors in amounts charged or the cost centers charged, call x2442 or x2444, or email smiller2 @!  
  November 2014  
  About The Heat In Your Building  
  •   How to handle problems with the heat in your building:
° As a result of Geothermal installation and the closing of the Boiler Plant, it is no longer necessary to contact facilities to request that your building be transferred to heat. With a few exceptions, your building heat or air conditioning should respond to automatically pre‑set temperatures. Should you find that your building is too hot or too cold, please contact Work Control at 610‑436‑2444 (or ext. 2444).
° Should you experience too hot or too cold rooms, you would need to submit a TMA maintenance request via the iServiceDesk.
  If you have a concern regarding the work that was done or the wait time seems excessive, please call our Work Control Technician at 610‑436‑2444, who will work as an advocate for you!  
  August 2014  
  You’ve selected surplus furniture from the Warehouse for your office or classroom. What’s your next step?  
  •   After you’ve selected your item(s), you will need to contact one of the persons listed below to have a work request submitted for delivery:
° Building Administrator
° Assistant Building Administrator
° The support staff for your area who generally submits maintenance requests for you

Building Administrator and Assistant Building Administrator List

  •   If the item(s) need to be assembled, please make sure that a separate work request is submitted to Plant Operations. Be sure to note to coordinate with Moving Services and include the appropriate SAP number for the assembly charges.
  •   If the delivery and assembly needs to be completed by a specific date, make sure that date is noted on the maintenance request(s).
  •   If you are interested in surplus property for reuse at WCU, call Jim Boudwin @ x2918 to view available items.
  If you have a concern regarding the work that was done or the wait time seems excessive, please call our Work Control Technician at 610‑436‑2444, who will work as an advocate for you!  
  July 2014  
  Need to change something on a recently-submitted TMA request?  
  If you need to make a change to a maintenance, custodial, moving services or grounds request, you should not submit another request. Instead, you should send an email to asking for the necessary changes to be made. IF you would like, you may instead send your email directly to the contact person in the appropriate department (Custodial, Grounds, etc.).
  •   Please include the following information in your email:
° The request number or the work order number.
° A clear description of what changes should be made.
° A contact name and number, if that person is different from the one submitting the request.
  •   Do not call changes into work control or any other facilities office. We must have the requested changes sent via email.
  •   Finally, understand that there are circumstances where the changes cannot be made to an existing work order &/or a new work request must be submitted. Should that be the case, Facilities staff will notify you.
  As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns,
please feel free to contact Work Control at (610) 436 2444
  May 2014  
  About the ”SAP Charge Account Field  
  •   This determines what account will be charged for this work order.
° First, we would like to reiterate that, if your request is not a general maintenance/repair request, be sure to include the appropriate SAP cost center number for where the work should be charged.
° If you are unsure of whether or not the work is chargeable, please review the “Is This Work Chargeable” link on the main page after you sign into the iServiceDesk.
  April 2014  
  Contact Information on Work Order  
  •   What contact information should be included on your work order:
° General Work Order
  · When submitting a general facilities request, please be sure to include the name, location and contact number of the person who the request is for. An example would be if you are submitting a request for a coworker to have an item hung on the wall the coworkers' office, you would include the name, location and contact number of that coworker, so he/she can provide additional information, should it be necessary.

° Event Work Order
  · When submitting a request concerning an event, you must include the contact information for the person(s) that Facilities' staff would contact with questions during the preparation for the event as well as during the event itself. Our staff need to be able to reach someone, in case of questions or if an urgent situation arises during the event.
  February 2014  
  Need clarification of the responsibilities of the Building Administrator?  
  •   Appointment:
   ° Facility Administrators are appointed by the Executive Director of Facilities Management based upon approval from the vice president for departments that reside within each facility.
  •   Authority and Responsibilities:
    ° Provide a single point of contact within the facility for gathering or disseminating information concerning facilities-related issues.

    ° Periodically inspect the facility (at least weekly) to insure all areas are kept in a neat, orderly, clean, safe, and efficiently operating condition.

    ° Ensure all accessibility routes are clear, that door openers are operating, and that other ADA equipment/devices are functioning. Report malfunctioning items to Work Control, x2444, for priority response.

    ° Make sure the facility is kept secure and that the last users are closing windows, turning out lights, locking doors, and securing equipment. Violations beyond the capability of the Facility Administrator should be promptly reported to Public Safety.

    ° Immediately notify Public Safety regarding:
        · trapped elevator occupants
        · medical/fire/police emergencies
        · bomb threats
        · crimes in progress
        · activation of a fire or security alarm
        · obstructed exits/entrances/means of egress that cannot be corrected immediately
  January 2014  
  Not sure if you should complete the Surplus Property Disposal Form?  
  •   Submit a Work Request (SS) for Moving Services to pick up the item.  
  •   A Moving Services crew member will provide a bright orange removable sticker to you when they arrive. Please answer the questions on the sticker and provide any other pertinent information known by you or the requester.  
  •   Attach to the item power cords, remotes, and any other parts needed for operability.

*If you are interested in surplus property for reuse at WCU, call Jim Boudwin @ x2918 to view available items.
If you have a concern regarding the work that was done or the wait time seem excessive, please call our Work Control Technician at 610-436-2444, who will work as an advocate for you.
  October 2013  
  About Multiple Recipients of TMA's Automatically Generated Emails  
  •   As the Building Administrator, or the person who submitted the Work Request, you are responsible for notifying the person for whom the Request was submitted.  
  •   If you would like for them to receive their own status emails, include their university email address in the E-mail Address box on the Request Form in iServiceDesk. Separate your email address from their address with a ";" but no spaces in between.  
  September 2013  
  How can you view your work order charges? **Please note new cost centers**  
  •  Sign into iServiceDesk, as you would to submit a work request.  
  •  Click on "Directions" or click on "View Reports" to bypass the directions and go straight to your cost center information.

  •  Click on your cost center to view available reports: Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Motor Pool.
    ° You will need to add the following general ledger accounts to get the total shown on your report:
    ° Labor and Benefits (820905)
    ° Supplies (820700)
    ° Motor pool (820400)
    ° Sales Orders (820600)
  •  Note: If you use iServiceDesk to track an individual work order, "view charges" in the upper right hand corner does not mean the work has been charged to your general ledger.

  July 2013  
  How often are chargebacks posted on my BI report?  
  •   TMA charges are posted on or about the 15th of each month for the prior month's work.  
  •   Shop work order charges are posted when the work is complete but Facilities Design & Construction work order charges are posted every month, regardless of completion. Motor Pool charges are posted every month based on service or rental month.  
  May 2013  
  How do you track the maintenance work requests that you submit?  
  •   One way is to develop an MS Excel workbook. You could have columns as follows:  
        ° Date Requested, which would be the date you submitted your request.
    ° Request Number, would be the request number you receive after submitting your request.
    ° Request Details are the details you included in your work request.
    ° Work Order Number is the complete work order number that was assigned to the work request after it was submitted.

This information is also automatically sent via email to the WCU email address(es) that was included with the request.

Reminder: For multiple persons to receive auto-generated email responses on your work order, you may have up to 4 WCU email addresses included on a single work request/order. Be sure to use a semi-colon ( ; ) after each email address, no space then the next email address & so on. If there is a space after the semi-colon, any auto-generated responses will go to only the first email address listed.

  •  Another way may be to generate an MS Word document.  
    An easy way would be to insert a Table into your document, add column names and either print and manually write the information into it or you can keep it easily available on your PC Desktop (or elsewhere convenient to you) and type it in as you go and save it for future reference.
    ° You could select a Multi-Level List, as used for Outlines, and keep track of it that way.
    ° If you submit many requests, especially if it's for several buildings, and know how to use MS Access, you may want to build an MS Access database then use Queries and forms, etc. to help you keep track and maybe provide reports. Please feel free to share with work control the method(s) you use to keep track of your maintenance requests and work orders. Someone else may find it useful! Who knows, perhaps together we can develop a cohesive, consistent system that is easy to use for all of us?
  February 2013  
  Did you know that we have a Work Control line in Facilities?  
  Work Control:   
  •  Is the front-line communication for Facilities Division  
  •  Communicates emergency work requests to Facilities personnel  
  •  Works as an advocate for the customer in trying to resolve issues and concerns  
  •  Provides individual TMA training sessions  
  •  Assists Facilities Finance Director with monthly chargebacks  
  •  Prepares monthly TMA reports for management review  
    The Work Control phone line is 610-436-2444 or call extension 2444  
  June 2012  
  Information you should include on your Event work request  
  It's best to follow this format for your "Event" work requests:   
  •  Official Event Name  
  •  Description of what needs to be done  
  •  If there are other persons to contact with question and/or concerns, include their name and number  
  •  If your event is chargeable, you must include the charge account number.  
  •  If you're not sure whether or not it's chargeable, please review the list (Is It Chargeable?) and/or contact work control  
  Please be sure to submit a separate request for each task that needs to be done.   
  May 2012  
  Wondering how the Facilities shops prioritize your work request?  
  When the work request is received, a work order is generated and a priority is assigned:   
  Priority Level 5 = Emergency  
  •  An emergency is a situation which could injure a person or cause significant damage to a building and needs to be resolved immediately.  
  •  You should immediately call Work Control at ext. 2444, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. After hours, please call Public Safety at x3311.
• No need to submit a work request, we will do it for you.
• Some examples are:
    ° Someone is hurt or a could be hurt if an issue is not immediately resolved
    ° Flooding
    ° There is a problem that is likely to cause a campus or building shutdown
    ° Building security
    ° Person stuck in elevator
    ° All elevators are out in an occupied building
  Priority Level 4 = Urgent  
  •  These requests need to be resolved today.
• Some examples are:
    ° Affecting the flow of business
    ° Possibility of shutting down classroom
    ° Recovery of dead animals
    ° Building too hot/too cold
    ° Environmental damage
    ° Building has no water/sewer
    ° Animal lab out of specified temperature
    ° Room security
    ° Elevator down
    ° Large sections of safety lighting is out
    ° Energy waste
    ° Safety lighting - walk way, parking lot, corridor
  Priority Level 3 = Normal  
  •  To be completed within 3 business days.
This may vary, depending on the type of work it is, other higher priority work & campus events
• Some examples are:
    ° Routine Service Requests
    ° Planned Maintenance Check
  Priority Level 2 = Low  
  •  To be accomplished after routine maintenance and higher priority work is complete.
• Discretionary work items
• Some examples are:
    ° Hanging pictures
    ° Assembling/disassembling furniture
    ° Painting
  Priority Level 1 = Event
• Some examples are:
    ° University Related Events, such as camps, conferences and workshops
    ° Non-University-related events
    ° Conferences
    ° Sporting events
  June 2012  
  General Campus Key Requests:  
  •  For lock core changes, you will need to submit a work request via the iServiceDesk.  
  •  With the exception of file cabinet and desk keys, all key requests need to be submitted via the official Key Request Form. You may obtain this form by contacting Public Safety at ext. 3311. Please read this form in its entirety and complete as instructed. If not, it will be returned to you for proper completion.  
  •  You must obtain all required signatures on this form.  
  •  Be sure to include a clear description of what you need and the location.  
  •  If you're not sure whether or not it's chargeable, please review the list (Is It Chargeable?) and/or contact work control  
  •  The appropriate 10-digit SAP account code must be included on the key request, as well.  
  •  Unless keys &/or lock cores are damaged & need to be replaced, all are chargeable to requesting department.  
  •  As a side-note, problems with card-readers should be reported to Public Safety at ext. 3311. However, if you are unsure, please feel free to contact work control at ext. 2444.  

TMA Tips!