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Travel Card Unauthorized Use

Use of a University issued travel card for any of the activities listed below may result in the cancellation of your account.

    Personal Use - Personal purchases or use of the card for personal identification. The card is intended for official university business purposes only, i.e., it is not to be used in any manner for personal purposes.
    Pay by Due Date – Failure to pay the full balance due by the due date on each monthly statement may result in the closure of your account.
    Late Charges – Late charges are not reimbursable items.


    The Travel Card is a personal Liability card and is NOT paid by the University. You must submit a detailed Travel Expense Voucher with receipts for audit. Once processed, Accounts Payables will send you a reimbursement check for your approved expenditures. You can then deposit those funds in your personal account and pay for your travel card expenses.

This document contains only selected portions of the full Travel Card Policy and procedures manual. Cardholders are reminded that it is their responsibility to adhere to the requirements of the full policy.