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Personnel Budget to Operating Budget Transfer Request

This form is NOT to be used to request expenditure transfers. Please utilize the accounting expense transfer form for those requests.

FROM : Fund Center from which to transfer the Personnel budget dollars:
{Only one (1) "From" Fund Center can be utilized per form}

{Select either Permanent or Temporary}
                            Permanent is a permanent reduction to your original base budget allocation.
                            Temporary is a one time reduction to this fiscal year's base budget.

Reason for Transfer:*{Maximum - 255 Characters}


*You must make an entry in either Pool or Position

Personnel Pool:


Personnel Position (CMS Complement # - Permanent or Temporary Positions.  CMS users can utilize the Show Complement Screen to validate permanent and temporary complement numbers):

{Do NOT enter a $ sign or commas}

TO: Fund Center receiving the transfer:
{Only one (1) "To" Fund Center can be utilized per form}




Transfer To Operating Budget of Fund Center:

Enter the WCU email addresses (example = xxxxxxxx@wcupa.edu) of the fund center managers and any other person you would like to receive a copy of this request. Multiple addresses can be entered if they are separated by a semicolon (;) - ex: jdoe@wcupa.edu;jsmith@wcupa.edu;bhall@wcupa.edu. Please do not enter any spaces between addresses. You must enter at least one address.

Enter any additional information you wish to communicate to us about the transfer. {Maximum - 255 Characters}:

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