Writing Center

West Chester University

Dr. Karen Fitts
Associate Professor of English
214 Lawrence Center


Veteran & Future Veteran Writing Workshop

           Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry

                         Lawrence Room 214: The Writing Center

    This veteran walked into the writing center and said something like, "I'm looking for a place to write and get feedback, a place to talk about stuff I want to talk about and not talk about stuff I don't."

    Kim said, "Have some tea... or coffee, though I don't like the stuff. But that doesn't mean you can't love it. That's what's great about this space; it's safe for everyone. You can say what you think and feel in whatever expression you want. It's a workshop. For writers. For veterans. For future veterans. For those who have seen or will see war and are writing about what's real and what's not."

For additional information or to express interest please contact Kim Beam by email (kb793150@wcupa.edu) or feel free to stop by the writing center.




LGBTQA Writing Group

Group Description:

This is a writing group for those interested in, in support of, or identifying as part of the LGBTQA community.  Writers will gain an understanding of the importance of academic and personal style and voice in writing and will learn how to navigate and engage both discourses in their own compositions.  Moreover, it will serve as a place to learn more about the ways language is used in the LGBTQA community and in selected literature.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Group Activities:

  • Explore LGBTQA literature in order to better understand voice and style as used in texts and by writers sometimes viewed as "marginalized."
  • Discuss issues of marginalization common to various popular culture rhetorics.
  • Collaborate as a community to further the written work of group members--of both an academic and a personal nature.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the LGBTQA Writing Group is to create a safe space to augment opportunities for writers inside and outside the LGBTQA community at West Chester University. 


  • Create a safe environment for work and discussion among members of the LGBTQA community, as well as for other writers inside and outside marginalized discourse communities.
  • Experience and discuss LGBTQA authors and literature as examples of marginalized rhetoric.
  • Discuss and work with group members' writing, both academic and personal.
  • Understand the notion of a writer's "voice," its effect, and its importance in written discourse.
  • Explore the relationships and connections between the LGBTQA community and other diverse discourse communities.
  • Through writing and discussion, reach those who live in fear of and discomfort about their own sexuality or of coming out.
  • Serve as an outlet for victims of bullying to express--in written form--their feelings, surrounded by members of a supportive community.
  • Educate those ignorant of or disdainful toward the LGBTQA community and its issues.
  • Produce a small volume of LGBTQA and marginalized-specific published work, for campus distribution, authored by group members.

For additional information or to express interest please contact Ryan Fernandez by email (rf676530@wcupa.edu) or feel free to stop by the writing center.