Leadership Team


Mary Buckelew, Ph.D.
(610) 436-2998
e-mail: mbuckelew@wcupa.edu

              Advisory Board

Jolene Borgese

Lynne Dorfman, Public Relations and In-Service
Diane Dougherty, Continuity

Tricia Ebarvia

Janice Ewing, Teacher Inquiry and Continuity
Meg Griffin, E-Journal

Eileen Hutchinson, E-Poetry

Judy Jester, Middle School

Chris Kehan and Linda Kerschner, PAWLP Day Coordinators

Patty Koller, Specialty Sites

Kim Kraf, Continuity

Brenda Krupp, Institutes and Presentation Development

Teresa Moslak and Chris Kehan, Summer Courses

Karen Pawlewicz, Youth Programs
Jean Shervais, Literature

Kelly Virgin


Office Staff:
Ann Mascherino

PAWLP Office: 610-436-2202

Youth Programs: 610-436-3089
FAX: 610-436-3212