Ethnic Studies Institute

West Chester University

Dr. Bonita Freeman-Witthoft, Director
Ethnic Studies Institute
Department of Anthropology
G201 Old Library
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: (610) 436-2725


Past Events 2012

Jeffrey Armstrong - Hindu Culture and the Secrets of the Avatar

Nisha Todi and Jim Bleiberg - Student Counseling Sensitive to the Culture of South Asia

Michel Sage - Cajun Culture in America

Ethnic Studies Conference 2012: Ethnicity Matters

Linda Stevenson - Gender Equity Policies in Mexico and Chile

Lawrence Davidson - American Misperceptions of Islamic Fundamentalists

Cassie Striblen - Obama and Narratives of Race

Yasuji (Paul) Hamanaka - Culture Shock Experiences: Going from Japan to the United States

Gloria Hernandez - The Language of Love in Sanskrit and Spanish

Past Events 2011

Lavell Kirby - Introducing College Experience to Inner City Youth

James A. Jones - African-American Experience in Industry

Thomas E. Jackson - How Philosophy for Children Helps Solve School Violence in Kailua High School

Frank J. Hoffman - Sri Lanka as a Study Destination for Students

Tim Golden - Frederick Douglass on Knowledge and Ethics

Indian American Students Organization and Ethnic Studies Institute - Remembering Gandhi on his Birthday

Mahrukh Azam and Jonathan Friedman - Crisis in the Middle East

Larry Kupchella - Growing up in Nanty Glo, a Western Pennsylvania Coal Mining Town

Cecilia Chien and Valerian DeSousa - Asian Studies in the Curriculum

Jie Cai - Experiencing China

Inda Corbett - Latino Students at WCU

Chris Kwame Awuyah - Frederick Douglass and Beyond

James McLaughlin - Irish-American Experience

Charles Johnson - Why Buddhism for Black America Now?

Yasuji (Paul) Hamanaka - Japanese-American Experience

Past Events 2010

Lisa Millhous - 8 Years in India

Bernard Chavis - Understanding the Complexities of Racial Harmony through

Jason Mango and Joe Batory - Parent-Teacher Involvement in Eliminating School Violence

Maria Kopacz and Mark Rimple - Polish and Polish-American Identities

Jeffery Ethan Lee - Identity Papers

Paul Stoller - The Business of Social Relations among West African Immigrants in New York City

Tracy Dolan - What's it Like to Start a Girl's School in Africa?

Timothy Brown - Black Masculinity

Frank J. Hoffman - Indian and Chinese Perspectives on the Environment

Alison Castel - Perspectives on Peace and Conflict

Elbert Saddler - Being a Multicultural Person

Annie Okelo - Women, Children, and Water in Kenya

Bonita Freeman-Witthoft and Frank J. Hoffman - The Concept of Ethnicity

Past Events 2009

Marguerite Gould - Apartheid and Personal Experiences in South Africa

Dawn Manning - My Experience in the Ethnic Studies Institute

Jianping Wang - Women in Chinese Islam

Valerian DeSousa - The Indian Diaspora

Brintha Vasagar - The Sri-Lankan Tsunami Disaster

Joseph Batory - Myths and Realities of Public Education

Chunmei Du - To Become a Chinaman Again: Gu Hongming as a Cultural Amphibian

Frank Hoffman - Perspectives on Western China

Hengda Yang - Mao and Confucius

Deven Patel - Canons, Texts, and Languages of South Asia

Linda Stevenson - Women and Politics in Chile and Mexico

Lynmar Brock - Surviving WWII in the South of France

Patrick McCauley - An American Scholar in Glasgow

Krishna Kumar, et. al. - A Group Discussion on Cross-Cultural Marriages

Karen Paiva - Seeing the Ethnic Experience Through Folk Art

Past Events 2008

Krishna Kumar - Psychology and Ethnicity: Growing up in a Multicultural Society

Ana Sanchez and Maria Cabrera - Ethnicity in Latin America and Spain

Alice Speh - Creating Intercultural Competence

Margarete Landwehr - Trauma Narrative in Post-War Germany: Holocaust Memorials in Berlin

Frank J. Hoffman - Ethnicity Matters

Fred Patton - Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus: Slavic Ethnic Identity in the Post-Soviet Era

Rajiv Malhotra - Whiteness and Hinduphobia

Anita Foeman - DNA and the Social Construction of Race

Bonita Freeman-Witthoft - Amish and Mennonite Ethnic Experience

Cecelia Chien - Roots and Diaspora: 1000 Years of a Chinese Family

Michael Sage - Secularism, Islam & New Religious Trends in French Society

Jonathan Friedman - Gay & Jewish Identity in American Theater & Film

Erminio Braidotti - Latin America and Human Rights

Karen Campbell - Trinidad

Jerome Hutson - Buffalo Soldiers: African-American Union Soldiers