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Bachelor of Arts in History with American Studies Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in history with an American Studies concentration also prepares students for a wide range of careers, but is perhaps best suited for careers in public history at institutions and agencies that focus on "American" cultural themes. All B.A. history majors must demonstrate competency in a foreign language.

Degree Requirements: (120 semester hours):

  1. General Requirements -- 48 semester hours
  2. Foreign Language Requirement -- 0-12 semester hours
    (depending on initial placement level)
  3. Required History Core Courses -- 15 semester hours
    HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 151, HIS 152, and HIS 300
  4. History Major Requirements -- 18 semester hours
    • United States History -- 9 semester hours (including HIS 367-American Material Culture)
    • European History -- 3 semester hours
    • World/Regional History -- 3 semester hours
    • American Studies Capstone Course (Senior Project, Independent Study, or Internship) -- 3 semester hours
  5. American Study Cognate Courses -- 18 semester hours
    Under advisement, take six courses including:
    • American Civilization (AMS 200)
    • American Literature I (LIT 200)
    • American Literature II (LIT 201)
    • Three additional courses on "American" themes from at least two disciplines related to history
    *Either LIT 200 or 201 may count toward General Education requirements.
  6. Free electives to complete 120 semester hours.