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Jerome Williams


New Combined Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Cultures degree with concentrations in four languages: French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

       This new B.A.L.C. degree may be completed with or without PA K-12 Certification. Our concentrations require 10 courses in the language, beginning at the 100 or 200 level, depending on the language. The new curriculum includes a language immersion study experience for all students, which can be fulfilled in a number of ways, including study or an internship abroad in a country where the target language is spoken in order to achieve cultural contextual experience as well as increased language proficiency. The curriculum also includes two common core courses: Comparative Language Studies and Comparative Cultural Studies. Our language concentrations also require the study of a second language from our program choices, through the 202 level. Students may also minor in one or more languages, as well as declare a major in one than one language.

       Our majors develop the highest level skills for bright future careers using their language.  To aid students in their language studies, the department sponsors a grants and awards competition each Fall semester; most of the successful applicants use their award funds to travel abroad.  Students are encouraged to participate in language clubs as well as honor societies, to serve as language tutors and to become involved in different service learning opportunities in the surrounding communities and the greater Chester County and Philadelphia areas.

     Please see the individual languages listed on the department home page for more particulars regarding curriculum and activities.

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