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The Department of Languages and Cultures


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Languages come in all shapes and sizes:

the early years, culture clusters,

the more advanced courses, seminars,

internships, study abroad...

The Department of Languages and Cultures is a vital and active presence in the College of Arts and Sciences at West Chester University and in the surrounding area. The name of the department conveys the range of research and instruction that exists at the undergraduate and graduate levels and reflects the breadth and nature of our activities.

Languages taught include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish. We offer beginning and intermediate language courses in Classics, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, as well as courses in other languages. We offer minors in Classics, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Linguistics, and majors and K-12 Certification in Classics, French, German, Russian and Spanish. *As of Fall 2010, no new students will be admitted to the Latin major or certification program.

Active language clubs host varied events (films, dinners, talks) and travel to nearby cities for theater, opera, museums, markets, etc. Our students can also become members of two Honorary Societies: Alpha Mu Gamma, and Sigma Delta Pi.

Our classes are innovative, featuring student-centered study of culture, history, literature and language, often using video, computer software, and internet-based activities. Coursework provides opportunities for service-based learning and community outreach activities that promote real-world use of language skills.

Our faculty include dedicated professors and instructors, talented scholars who enjoy state, national and worldwide recognition. They pursue their research to the far corners of the earth and bring it back to the students in their courses.

Our students are equally adventuresome, and many of our majors and minors study abroad, in Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Information on available programs in addition to the above Fulbright projects may be found on the individual language program pages; please also consult our information and forms for scholarship awards for study abroad.

The Department also offers Graduate Programs: M.A. and M.Ed. in both French and Spanish.

Our undergraduate and graduate program graduates pursue many careers using these languages, including teaching at all levels, law, international relations, the travel industry, marketing, and services in a wide variety of regional and national companies. Our graduates bring to the job high quality professional training and multicultural perspectives on the world. We offer a new Internship program, LAN 425 and LAN 525, for 3-12 credits, for on the job language experience.

Students wishing to study any languages offered in our language program should take a Placement Test in our Language Learning Center in 200 Main. The Placement test is taken for the express purpose of indicating the level at which a student should being study of the language. Students do not receive university credit for any language course they place out of on the placement test. Credit for such lower level courses may be obtained by taking the CLEP or Credit by Exam (CBE) test for a course BEFORE enrolling in a higher level course. Minors and majors in a language must still complete the number of courses required by the department.