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Bachelor of Science – Forensic and Toxicological Chemistry

JY in the lab The B.S. in FORENSIC and TOXICOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY is a program (accredited by FEPAC) for students interested in working in criminalistics and toxicology laboratories. The program prepares students for graduate study and specialization in these fields. Follow this link to read about how the American Chemical Society describes a forensic chemists's career. More on careers in forensics can be found at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences site. A one-semester internship in a police or toxicology forensic-chemistry laboratory is a mandatory part of this program. Background checks similar to those required for law enforcement officiers are likely to be a condition of employment [NIJ Report NCJ 203099 - "Qualifications for a Career in Forensic Science." pp. 7-10). Visit our Quality/Value page for some measures of student achievement.

Forensics and Toxicological Chemistry Approved Curriculum

Student Outcome and Assessment