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Current Questions (and Answers) for Chemistry Majors

These are questions that have come up in student advising, as selected by your faculty.

What options do I have for Chemistry Electives?

Depending on your specific major within the Department of Chemistry, your flexibility with electives will vary. Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for your options, or check out the Chemistry Majors Organization site on your D2L menu.

Which courses are only offered in one semester?

Some of the upper level Chemistry courses are not offered every semester, so learning which these are is an important part of your planning for future semesters. Since the offerings can vary over the years, please check the current listings on the Chemistry Majors Organization site on your D2L menus.

Is there a standard for ethical and professional conduct in chemistry?

As laboratory scientists dealing with potentially hazardous conditions, it is particularly important that chemists (and chemistry students) act with integrity and responsibility. The American Chemical Society has developed Academic Professional Guidelines and these guidelines are supported by the Department of Chemistry. They state, in part,

"The student should demonstrate honesty, integrity, and diligence in the conduct of research, teaching, and in the completion of academic courses. Students are responsible for being aware of and adhering to policies related to plagiarism. Students should be fully aware of the ethical, legal, health, and safety implications of their education, research, and teaching in both the academic community and in the public setting. Students should take personal responsibility for understanding, practicing, and promoting appropriate safety procedures."

Further guidelines for the chemical professional's code of conduct can be found in The Chemist's Creed.

Where can I learn more about waste disposal and hazardous materials?

Check out the Environmental Health & Safety website.