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The 2013-2014 academic year promises to be exciting for the Sociology Club! With plans to attend conferences both in Pennsylvania and Maryland, tour the Penn Museum, host talks on campus with professors, and volunteer and explore in the community, there will be plenty of opportunities for YOU to become involved. Make it a point to come join us - we are a club open to all majors!

We hold meetings every other Tuesday from 3:30-4:00 pm in Sykes. For the most up to date information about meetings and events, check out our bulletin board in the basement of Old Library, outside room 03D. If you have any questions or are interested in joining our club, please feel free to contact any of our executive board members or our advisor, Dr. Jackie Zalewski.

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We recently took a van to Baltimore so several
club members could present their research at
the Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting!

  • Molly Byrne presented “Where Do Our Majors Go?  Knowledge That Can Help Shape Curriculum Planning, Development, and Pedagogy in Sociology”
  • Collin Cunningham presented “Leadership Styles and their Effect on Staff Performance at CampusLiving Inc.”
  • Megan Gates presented “Undervalued Qualities of HopinShop Managers”
  • Amanda Hallowell presented “Investigating the Accessibility and Reproduction of Hierarchies Associated with Assisted Reproductive Technologies”
  • Jessica Herling presented “Gendered Representations of HPV”
  • Zachary Kline presented “The Sentiments of Faculty Toward The Increasingly Greedy Nature of Their Employers”
  • Harvey Nicholson presented “Environmental Inequalities Within Low-Income and Minority Neighborhoods”


We also had a great time touring Penn Museum in Philadelphia in November! Check out several pictures below:  

Penn Museum

Penn Museum

Penn Museum


Officers for 2013 - 2014:

Molly Byrne:  President

Jessica Herling:  Vice President

Kyle Pelchy:  Treasurer

Zackary Kline :  Secretary

Thank you to Brea Allen and Amanda Hallowell, who volunteered to be our Social Chair and Community Liaison.  

Sociology Club Advisor: Jackie Zalewski