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Spring break is just around the corner, and department faculty and students have lots going on – and lots to celebrate!

Congratulations to the seven students and two sociology faculty members who recently returned from the the Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting, which was held Feb. 20-23 in Baltimore, MD.

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Here are the presenters and the titles of their presentations:

  • Molly Byrne presented “Where Do Our Majors Go?  Knowledge That Can Help Shape Curriculum Planning, Development, and Pedagogy in Sociology”
  • Collin Cunningham presented “Leadership Styles and their Effect on Staff Performance at CampusLiving Inc.”
  • Megan Gates presented “Undervalued Qualities of HopinShop Managers”
  • Amanda Hallowell presented “Investigating the Accessibility and Reproduction of Hierarchies Associated with Assisted Reproductive Technologies”
  • Jessica Herling presented “Gendered Representations of HPV”
  • Zachary Kline presented “The Sentiments of Faculty Toward The Increasingly Greedy Nature of Their Employers”
  • Harvey Nicholson presented “Environmental Inequalities Within Low-Income and Minority Neighborhoods”
  • Dr. Lisa Ruchti presented “Professional Intimacy: How to Teach New Nurses the Praxis of Care”
  • Dr. Jacqueline Zalewski presented “The Invisible Social Consequences And Costs Of Reorganizing Work With IN-HOUSE Outsourcing”

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Sociology student Jessica Herling also presented “Assessing HPV: Who is Accountable for Prevention?” at the Winter Meeting of Sociologists for Women in Society, which was held Feb. 6-9 in Nashville, TN.

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Many of our faculty members have been very busy recently. Here is a selection of their accomplishments:

Dr. Michael Di Giovine has much to report:

  • He published a new co-edited volume: David Picard and Michael Di Giovine, “Tourism and the Power of Otherness: Seductions of Difference” (Channel View, 2014). Check it out here.
  • He has been appointed by the American Anthropological Association’s President to a new Task Force on Cultural Heritage
  • He has been named the Program Chair of the American Anthropological Association’s Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group
  • He has been appointed to the editorial board of The International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage. He is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change and the Book Reviews Editor of Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing

Dr. Paul Stoller published two essays recently:

  • “Cancer Rites and the Remission Society.” Harvard Divinity Bulletin 41(1-2). Check it out here.
  • “Anthropological Musings on Blogging Bliss.” Anthropology Now 5(3): 92-97.

In addition to the ESS paper she presented in February, Dr. Lisa Ruchti has the following news:

Dr. Julie Wiest published two papers during the fall semester:

  • She published a paper: “My Wartime Self: Meaning Construction in Narratives of World War II.” Narrative Works: Issues, Investigations, & Interventions 3(1): 68-97.
  • She published a paper (with Nahed Eltantawy): “Social Media Use among UAE College Students One Year after the Arab Spring.” Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 5(3): 209-226.

In addition:

  • She will present “Theorizing the Impact of (Mis)Representations of Serial Murder in American Media” at the annual meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, to be held April 2-5 in Charlotte, NC.
  • She will serve as a panelist for the workshop “Media Training for Sociologists” at the annual meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, to be held April 2-5 in Charlotte, NC.
  • She will present “Hyped Help: Public Perceptions of Criminal Profiling" at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, to be held August 15-17 in San Francisco.
  • She served as a panelist for the session “Strategizing Regional Chapter Development: Experiences of SWS-S” at the Winter Meeting of Sociologists for Women in Society, which was held Feb. 6-9 in Nashville, TN. 


Interested in joining the Sociology Club? Check the bulletin board across from Old Library room 3 (in the basement) for information about our activities and upcoming meetings. We are open to all majors, so please get involved - and bring a friend (or two)!


Please look for further announcements on the Department faculty and their scholarship here. See you around Old Library this spring!

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