College of Business & Public Affairs

Office: 312 Anderson Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone (610) 436-2304
Email: Department Chair

Faculty Introduction

Pursuant to the university's commitment to teaching excellence, the university seeks to attract and retain high quality faculty. For their part, the faculty is committed to making the study of management relevant and useful to the student through the use of experiential teaching techniques and through the faculty's use of experience gained in research, community service and consulting.

    Specifically, the faculty of the department of Management will strive to:
  1. Inculcate in the student the ability to reason analytically and critically;
  2. Make the student sensitive to the human relations of managing others;
  3. Increase the student's awareness of the concepts and terms used in current management practice;
  4. Increase the student's awareness of the international dimensions of business;
  5. Increase the student's skills in written and verbal communication;
  6. Foster the student's ability to synthesize the knowledge acquired from various disciplines in order to focus on managerial problems.

In addition to individual faculty member's efforts, the university's office of faculty development has several initiatives to ensure that members of faculty remain at the leading edge of scholarship.