Languages and Cultures

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Dr. Jerome Williams
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Jerome Williams

Undergraduate Majors

We offer majors in French, German, Russian and Spanish.

They are part of a B.A. degree, with or without PA K-12 Certification. Our majors require 10 courses in the language, beginning at the 100 or 200 levels, depending on the major. Additionally we ask for a linguistics course and a cognate course (study of the culture of the language from a different perspective). Our language majors also require the study of a second language from our program choices up to the 202 level.

Our majors develop the highest level skills for bright future careers using their language. We ask them to include an immersion study program as part of their coursework, preferably in a country speaking the language they are preparing, for cultural contextual experience as well as language proficiency.

Please see the individual languages listed on the department home page for more particulars regarding curriculum and activities.

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