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French Minor -- A Minor in French

will make a Major difference in your career!


Dr. Anne-Marie Moscatelli

Dr. Michel Sage

Larochelle Port

You may obtain a minor in French by completing 18 hours of coursework starting with FRE 101. If you begin at a higher level, you will still take 6 courses all together.

We encourage you to participate in a study abroad program, and you may transfer in up to 9 credits toward the minor.

At the moment, we are offering FRE 101, 102, 201 and 202 both semesters and both summer sessions, for your convenience, and to expedite completion of the minor.

Beyond the basic language and culture courses, we offer six 300 level varied courses to choose from:

FRE 302  Phonetics

FRE 303  Francophone Civilization

FRE 304 Francophone Literature

FRE 305 Advanced Writing and Stylistics

FRE 315 Oral Proficiency

FRE 350 French Cinema

For our more advanced students in the minor, we also offer FRE 401, French for Business, and FRE 440, Writing French Children's Stories, both available in online distance education format.