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Mission, Program Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes

Our Masters in Education program seeks to inspire the development of integrated, engaged, and active teachers who will embrace their role as democratic agents of change in the communities in which they teach. To this end, candidates will examine the historical, social, political, and economic foundations of education for social transformation; study the psychology of impactful teaching and learning; consider the role of technology on social change in the twenty-first century; develop capacities for the production of meaningful curricula and empowered pedagogies, and develop authentic assessment and evaluation methods for transformative education.

In order to understand the political contexts in which they teach, teachers need to have a critical theoretical foundation. A primary focus of the program is to provide students with a critical framework so that students can challenge their own biases and assumptions they have made regarding their underlying educational philosophies and practices.

Additionally, the program strives to give teachers the necessary tools to develop as change agents and challenge and test their assumptions, the program will be built around an action research emphasis. Action research is a process of reflection which allows teachers or other educators to improve the way they address issues and solve problems in their schools and classrooms. By grounding the program in the action research model, we seek to close the gap between theory and practice and to integrate the ideals of “teacher as researcher” and “data driven decision making” within the teaching profession.