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Literacy (Reading) Video

 “I’m Una Martin and I am in the literacy program as a reading specialist (Una sitting on stool).  I’ve looked at the literacy program and after really navigating all the courses that the program offered I saw that that was truly what I was looking for (Una walking into an office).  When I go into a program, I am looking for content (Una sitting on a stool).  It’s really what you get out of the program, and when you’re finished – how satisfied and equipped you feel to really do the job (Una sitting at a desk with a professor).  So that was my, you know- that was the number one motivator for me (Una shaking hands with the Dean of Education in the Certification Office).”

 “The literacy program is pretty set, except for your electives (Una sitting on a stool).  The way they structure it, it just makes sense, because they are all things- things like reading in the content area.  You have to, as a reading specialist, have a good knowledge of how to do that, (Una with young girl putting away a book on a book shelf) because reading in the content area is so different than teaching children to read a novel.  Vocabulary, you know- teaching vocabulary, I took a course in that and, how powerful is that? You know, all of the strategies I’ve learned that I’m now using today.  When I come before my students , (Una sitting on a stool) it’s the knowledge that I’ve gained and those skills, you know, that I have learned that I’m taking to the table to help my students become better writers, and to become better thinkers and better learners for it (Una at graduation).”

“Through the program and through life I have just now realize the importance of just building a relationship with my students, really getting to understand who they are.  (Una instructing in the classroom) And when that happens I realize how much easier it is to teach them, how much less discipline problems you have because you truly understand the human beings in front of you (Una sitting on a stool).”