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Counselor Education Video: Deanna Harbaugh & Gabe DiBerardinis

 “My name is Gabe DiBerardinis, and I am the counselor education program at West Chester University (Gabe Sitting on stool).  There is this kind of official governing body called CACREP, which is kind of the professional organization, uh, for counselors in the United States and schools that have this accreditation, it’s –it’s a great thing to have because your degree then becomes transferable to a lot of the other states in the region (Gabe and Deanna walking outside.)“

 “My name is Deanna Harbaugh (Deanna sitting on a stool) and I am in the masters in counseling program leading to a dual certification in both elementary and secondary school counseling (Deanna in the classroom).  All of the professors that I have in class were school counselors, most of them were school counselors at one point and they bring that experience that they’ve had as a school counselor into the classroom (Deanna sitting on a stool).”

 “When I was looking at the various programs out there to become a school counselor (Gabe sitting on a stool), the department chair, Dr. Gadaleto, uh agreed to talk with me over the phone and also said that he would give me time to actually, you know-uh, meet with him one-on-one (View of students walking on the campus).  Another actually great thing about West Chester is they do offer a number of assistantships that gives graduate students an opportunity to work on campus with uh professors in a somewhat related field (Gabe typing on a computer) - I’m in the education department (Gabe talking with a professor, looking over papers).”

 “During my internship experience now I’m living it (Deanna sitting on a stool), I feel like I’m taking on full responsibility as a school counselor and I’m being supervised by my supervisor at the school and also by my professors, so, you really get tons of feedback (Deanna teaching in a classroom), um, that you probably wouldn’t get at different places at other schools (Deanna sitting on a stool).  The professors are just, they’re real, they’ve been there they’ve done it and now they’re here to bring it to us to help us do it (View of a classroom with students).”

 “I really felt that the teachers in this program (Gabe sitting on a stool), uh, have prepared me for, uh, the internships that I’m in (Gabe typing on a computer at a desk), and that’s really important because I’ve been able to hit the ground running at this school and impress the the people that I’ve been working with and hopefully that will lead to some great references down the road, uh, and possibly even jobs (Gabe sitting on a stool).  When I, you know, took into account the value and the great customer service that I got when I was researching the school and the great facilities here (View of Recitation hall with students walking to class),  that’s kind of what stood out to me about West Chester and led me to enroll here (Gabe sitting on a stool).”

 “You learn so much from the program that when you graduate you know you’ll be ready (Deanna sitting on a stool).”