Department of Nursing

West Chester University

222 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Edward Mackey PhD MSN RN CRNA FAPA

Educational Background
  • Diploma in Nursing: Lankenau Hospital School of Nursing (1983)
  • BSN: Eastern College (1986)
  • CRNA: Lankenau Hospital School of Nurse Anesthesia (1988)
  • MS: St. Joseph’s University – Nurse Anesthesia (1989)
  • MSN: West Chester University – Community health (2005)
  • PhD: Northcentral University – Psychology (2008)
Professional Interest and Research Areas
  • Family and Individual Patient Health care
  • Anesthesia
  • Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy
  • Biofeedback/ Neurofeedback
  • Education
  • Mind/Body modalities in health care
  • Simulation in Nursing
Biographical Sketch

Dr. Mackey is an assistant professor of Nursing at West Chester University, a Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association and maintains a private practice in biofeedback-neurofeedback-hypnosis.

Dr. Mackey practices anesthesia several times per month for outpatient oral surgery. He has published research in the use of hypnosis in health care and surgery, as well as papers on the use of high fidelity simulation in nursing education. Dr. Mackey started the Mind/Body Institute of Applied Psychophysiology in 2011 to enable students an opportunity to become involved in research activities from the ground up.