Department of Kinesiology

West Chester University

Dr. Frank Fry
206 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: (610) 436-2260 or 2261
Fax: (610) 436-2860

Adapted Physical Education Alumni Connection

Adapted Physical Education Alumni Connection

Beth Foster and Scott Kennedy at tandem at CAPA CAFL-even the visually impaired can play basketball Camp Abilities staff with Rammy Corey teaching swimming at CAPA Doc and Stephanie Sprayberry with Rammy at CAPA Friendships that last a lifetime at CAPA Jason Hahn and athlete at CAPA Jason Hahn and his athlete at CAPA Jason teaching swimming at CAPA Leigh Pesko and athletes at Camp Abilities Florida Leigh Pesko and Joann Judge working with students with Spina Bifida So what if he is deafblind-this athlete takes our breath away at CAPA

Class of Fall 2006

Kelly Duke

Beth Foster, C.A.P.E.

Certified Adapted Physical Education Teacher

School District of Lancaster

Elementary: Hamilton Elementary

Nora Miller

6th-10th Grade Health & Physical Education

Conrad Schools of Science

Wilmington, DE

Lauren Montague
James Rizzo

Class of Spring 2007

Corey Luttrell
Leah Posocco


Class of Fall 2007

Thomas Albanese

Carolyn Champion

Barbara Seiden

Health & Physical Education Teacher

Amy Wittorff


Class of Spring 2008

Stephanie Brady
Kimberly Brodhead
Elizabeth Campanese
Angela DiFilippo

Stu Greenberg

Health & Physical Education

Toby Farms Elementary


Chester Upland School District

Kira Labagh
Alenna Pistentis
Greg Rispanti

Andrew Silverman

Health & Physical Education

School District of Philadelphia

Class of Fall 2008

Kaylyn Boles
Daniel Karlyn
Stephen Kobithen
Heather McKee
Rachel Snyder
Saree Swidersky
Chanea Whittington

Justin Wright

Director of Activities

Vision Quest


Class of Spring 2009

Laura Bontempo


Special People Northeast

Ashley Bosak
Stephanie Bush

Justin Daberkoe

Adapted Physical Education Teacher

Wordsworth Academy

Fort Washington, PA

Lauren Ginnona

Twin Valley High School

Brooke Johnston
Bristal McAlister
Nicholas Musumeci
Robert Tierney
Justin Wright
Mark Young

Class of Fall 2009

Sara Burk
Jennifer Forney

Meghan Halberstadt


STARS program

Caitlyn Jones

Autistic Support Teacher

Megan Landis

Matt Marhevka

Health & Physical Education

Ore Valley Elementary

Dallastown Area School District

Kristin McCoy
Julianne Rakus

Beverly Schmitz


Class of Spring 2010

Mallori Barch

Catherine Baskin

Health & Physical Education



Daniel Casey