West Chester University


Waste Reduction

Waste prevention, or "source reduction," means consuming and throwing away less. It includes:
  • purchasing durable, long-lasting goods
  • seeking products and packaging that are as free of toxics as possible
  • redesigning products to use less raw material in production, have a longer life, or be used again after its original use.

Source reduction actually prevents the generation of waste in the first place, so it is the most preferred method of waste management and goes a long way toward protecting the environment.

For more information, check out this site from the EPA on municipal waste.

Or check out more on Sustainable Dining at WCU

Office Sustainability

There are a number of actions that you can implement whether in your office at home or at work to further sustainability goals

  • Purchasing new duplex (can print double sided) local printers, with duplex set as the default print setting to reduce paper consumption
  • Re-printing using scrap paper, with one designated scrap printer
  • Increasing the recycled content of all printer paper
  • Adding Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) designated print vendors for outside publications
  • Subscribing to an online survey service to eliminate the need for paper mailback surveys, where applicable
  • Purchasing office supplies with higher recycled content
  • Educating and encouraging staff to conduct conference calls
  • Turn off computers and lights when not in use