West Chester University


Geography of the region around WCU

Click here for a soil map of the Gordon Natural Area. Most of the soil in this area is of the Wehadkee series which drains poorly, consists of a fine sandy loam, and is usually located on a flood plain. Soil near the SOMPAC building on North campus adjacent to High Street is of the Glenelg series which consists of very deep, well drained, moderately permeable soil found on uplands.

The Chester County Planning Commission website includes maps of many of the County's resources. This link is to the "Landscapes" planning document, open space planning, and environmental planning.

Follow this link to find soil maps of Pennsylvania.

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has an extensive Data Services Links area. It includes links to many sources of information about our region including census, geographic and GIS data. DVRPC's Regional Information Services Center provides a wealth of demographic, economic and other data for the 9-county (352 municipality) DVRPC region as well as a 28-county extended data service region. This link provides an overview of some of the data services provided by DVRPC.