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An Energy Policy That Adds Up

"Given the general tendency of the public to say "no" to wind frarms, "no" to nuclear power, "no" to tidal barrages - "no" to anything other than fossil fuel power systems - I am worried that we won't actually get off fossil fuels when we need to. Instead, we'll settle for half-measures: slightly-more-efficient fossil-fuel power stations, cars, and home heating systems; a fig-leaf of a carbon trading system; a sprinkling of wind turbines; an inadequate number of nuclear power stations.
We need to choose a plan that adds up. It is possilbe to make a plan that adds up, but it's not going ot be easy.
We need to stop saying no and start saying yes. We need to stop the Punch and Judy show and get building."
Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air, Professor David JC MacKay

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