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Our Bioregion

Use the resources in the links below to discover more about the region around WCU as well as its flora and fauna.



Follow this link to the Robert B. Gordon Natural Area for Environmental Studies. This site provides information on the history, lands, mission, recent events, education and preservation issues surrounding the Gordon area.

Looking for great practical advice on gardening? Try You Bet Your Garden.

Learn more about life on Earth from Life on Earth, which is a National Science Foundation-funded project to advance public understanding of biodiversity and the history of life on Earth.

The Brandywine Valley Association provides Water protection and Environmental Education for the Brandywine Valley BVA is now more than 800 members strong and is still working to protect the picturesque and productive Brandywine Creek.

Delaware Nature Society, Ashland Nature Center offers four self-guiding nature trails traversing 81 acres of rolling terrain through meadows, woodlands and marshes, adult and school programs, seasonal events and much more.

The Chester - Ridley - Crum Watersheds Association (CRC) is a nonprofit environmental organization located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1970, CRC is the only watershed organization devoted to the protection of the water resources of the Chester, Ridley, and Crum Creek Valleys in both Chester and Delaware Counties.

The Green Valleys Association's mission is to protect and preserve the quality and quantity of water resources in northern Chester County through advocacy and education.