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As you begin thinking about Academic Planning, below are several websites that provide long-term employment projections (through 2018) for various occupations.

Many thanks to Jeff Osgood (a member of the Faculty Advisory Group) and Loretta Rieser-Danner (Psychology chair) for bringing these to our attention.

The PA Center for Workforce Information and Analysis provides long-term occupational employment projections through 2018 by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) - We are in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Division - and County. These first two sites present estimates of the total number of persons employed in each occupation and the projected change through 2018. The tables also supply wage estimates for each occupational title (median hourly, mean hourly, and mean annual wages).

The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics provides location quotients for each of the occupations found in the above estimates. Location quotients (LQ) provide valuable information, as they are an indication of the relative concentration of a particular occupation within our region.

Location Quotient (Regional Specializations)

Interpretation: An LQ = 1 means that the area under consideration (the Philadelphia MSA in this case) has the same percentage of employment in that industry as the nation. An LQ < 1 means that that occupation in the Philadelphia MSA is underrepresented. To put it another way, our metropolitan area has a smaller percentage of employees in that occupation than does the nation. In contrast, an LQ > 1 means that the proportion of employment for that particular occupation is greater than the proportion of employment in the nation. In other words, an LQ greater than 1 means we have a regional specialization and thus might be interested in connecting WCU educational offerings to those occupations.

Another resource is the site from the Center on Education in the Workforce. There are a variety of very interesting reports (jobs forecasts, etc.), including a set of forecasts regarding career "clusters" through 2018. PA information is on page 60.

We realize this is a lot of information. We hope that both the academic departments and the strategic planning council find them useful.

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