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WCU Council of Trustees

Liaison Assignments

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WCU Council of Trustees

Phillip's Memorial Building
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-2471

Liaison Assignments

(Revised November 2012)


Ms. Marian Moskowitz

AFSCME (Mrs. Barbara Cooper)

The Honorable Barry C. Dozor

APSCUF (Dr. Lisa Millhous)

Mr. Eli Silberman


Mr. J. Adam Matlawski

Alumni (Mr. Jeff Stein)

Mr. Eli Silberman

Faculty Senate (Dr.Eleanor Brown)

The Honorable Robert M. Tomlinson

University Forum (Dr. Gwenelle O'Neal and Barbara Schneller)

Mr. Thomas A. Fillippo

WCU Foundation

Ms. Christine Costello

Student Services, Inc. (Ms. Mell Josephs)

Officers: Chair, Thomas Fillippo; Vice Chair, Adam Matlawski; Secretary, Christine Costello.

Committees: Members are encouraged to rotate among the committees each year. The names listed on this list reflect participation for 2013-2014

Nominating Committee: Chair-B. Dozor; Members T. Tomlinson, M. Moskowitz

Presidential Review Committee: Chair-M. Moskowitz/E. Silberman, A. Matlawski