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Network Access System (NAS)

When attempting to connect your PC or other device to the student data network, you should consult the following links. Often they will answer any questions you have and save you a call to our help desk.

  1. Authentication

  2. Network Access System Policy Key

  3. Router / NAT Device

  4. Antivirus Program Installed

  5. Antivirus Program Running

  6. Antivirus Program Definitions Up-To-Date

  7. Operating System Updates

  8. Anti-Spyware Software Installed

  9. Anti-Spyware Software Running

  10. Music File Sharing


Everyone that connects and uses the student network must authenticate with the Network Access System.  A valid WCU email address and password is required.  Remember that passwords expire every 90 days.  If your email password is expired, then you will be redirected back to the login page with the message "Enter Valid Credentials" displayed under the password box.


If you know your expired password then click here to go to webmail and change your password.  You can only access webmail if you have already authenticated or use a computer that has Internet access independent of the student network.  Students must authenticate after every computer restart or if the computer is disconnected and then reconnected to the network.

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Network Access System Policy Key

The NAS policy key is a small program that communicates with the ResNet Central server to insure connected computer are incompliance with all stated policies.  The only information that is sent to the ResNet Central server is Yes or No for each policy.  Failure of any of the policies will result in the system being quarantined, (no network or Internet access).  If an attached computer does not have a policy key, or the policy key can not communicate with the server, then it will be redirected to the policy key download page. 

Firewall programs like Norton's can also block the policy key from communicating with the server.  This will cause the NAS to redirect the browser back to the policy key download page even if the key is already installed.  The firewall program must be configured to allow the policy key access to the Internet.

It's also been found that some anti virus programs treat the policy key like a virus and disable it. Those programs are marked with an asterisk (*).If you are running any of these programs and are unable to get past the policy key check then you should remove your anti-virus program and try to access the network again. When you are notified that don't have anti-virus software installed, you will see links to get anti-virus software. Get AVG and follow the instructions to install it. You may have to reinstall the Policy key again as well. Then you should be able to get online.

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Router / NAT Device

Except for those living in South Campus, personal wireless routers are not allowed.

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Anti-virus Program Installed

To help protect the student network from virus threats all computers that connect must have an anti-virus program installed.  The NAS will recognize the following programs.  If your program is not listed call ResNet Central or submit a Trax request.

Authentium NOD 32
AV Guard Norton*
Avast Panda
AVG Sophos*
Bitdefender Spy Sweeper
EZ Antivirus Symantec*
Kaspersky Trendmicro*
McAfee* Zone Alarm
MS One Care  

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Anti-virus Program Running

The installed anti-virus programs must be actively running and protecting the computer against threats, (memory resident program).  NOTE: Only one anti-virus program should be installed and running on a computer or the computer will crash or operate poorly.

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Anti-virus Program Definitions Up-To-Date

The installed and running anti-virus program's virus definition must be up to date.  If the anti-virus program's subscription is valid then it should update its virus definition automatically.  New computers will have a preinstalled antivirus program, however this program comes with a limited license that sometimes expire in 60 days from the date of purchase or activation.  In order for the program to continue to protect the computer you must purchase a new subscription.  However, ResNet Central does make available antivirus software.  If the Network Access System reports to you that your antivirus program's definitions are out of date, then you will be quarantined until the program is either renewed or updated.  If you uninstall the out of date anti-virus program you will be redirected to an anti-virus software download page.

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Operating System Updates

All computers must be configured to download and install critical updates.  To check if your computer is configured to install critical updates open the control panel or system preference and select Auto Updates or Software Updates.

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Anti-Spyware Program Installed

An anti-spyware program must be installed.  The Network Access System will recognize the following programs.  If you need to remove your antivirus program because the subscription is expired and it is also your anti-spyware program, then after you install an antivirus program you may also be redirected to a page to download an anti-spyware program if your computer does not have one of the programs that are listed below installed.

Ad-Aware Spybot Search and Destroy
Counter Spy Spy Sweeper
McAfee Symantec*
MS Defender Zone Alarm

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Anti-Spyware Program Running

The installed anti-spyware program must be actively protecting the computer, (memory resident program).  Multiple anti-spyware programs can run on the same computer, so if you already have a program that you are using, then it does not have to be removed.

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Music File Sharing

Sharing music while connected to the student network is prohibited.  If you are sharing music using a shared folder or a music sharing program, then your computer will be quarantined until the shared folders or music sharing programs are removed or disabled.

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