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Multimedia/Presentation Room Q&A:

1. What is the distinction between a Multimedia Room and a Presentation Room?

The Multimedia classroom provides the Instructor with a projector, a workstation / lectern, a personal computer and/or an Apple Macintosh computer, a VCR and/or DVD player, and a supporting audio system.

A Presentation classroom is designed to meet all of the basic multimedia needs. This facility provides the Instructor with a projector, a supporting audio system and a wall plate with appropriate connections for a Laptop/PC, and in some locations, a connection for a VCR/DVD. Instructor will be responsible for bringing the needed equipment to connect to the presentation system.

2. Which rooms are designated Multimedia Rooms?

Multimedia Rooms

3. Which rooms are designated Presentation Rooms?

Presentation Rooms

4. How do I reserve a Multimedia or Presentation Room?

Contact Space Management, 610-436-3348.

5. How do I obtain a key for the cabinet in the Multimedia Room?

Contact the building administrator.

6. I have watched the demonstration video but I am still having trouble. Who can I call for help?

If you are still having problems, or have specific questions, you can set up an appointment with a technician by calling the help desk at x3350.