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Barracuda Spam Filter

Logging In
Managing the Quarantine Inbox

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Quarantine Summary Report


Logging In

  1. Open an internet browser and type the following in the address bar:
  2. Log in using your WCU username and password

login box 

Managing the Quarantine Inbox

The Barracuda spam filter will quarantine suspected spam email messages delivered to your WCU email acocunt. Quarantined messages will be stored in the Barracuda system for 30 days.

Quarantine Inbox Tab


Deliver - Delivers selected/individual messages to your mailbox.
Whitelist - Delivers the selected/individual messages to your mailbox & adds the sender to your list of allowed senders.
Delete - Removes the message from your Barracuda inbox.

  • Select the check boxes on the left to apply an action to multiple emails. 
  • Select an action on the right side of the message to apply an action to the individual message.

Preferences Tab

Whitelist/ Blacklist:

preferences tab

  • Allowed Email Addresses and Domains (Whitelist) - Addresses on this list will automatically bypass the spam firewall and be delivered to your mailbox.
  • Blocked Email Addresses and Domains (Blacklist) - Addresses on this list will always be directed to your quarantine inbox available at


Email addresses can be added to the blacklist and whitelist individually or in bulk:

  • To modify your lists in bulk, click the “Bulk Edit” button for the list you wish to modify. This will open a new window where you can add, remove, or modify entries. Click “Save Changes” when you are finished editing your list.
  • To individually add an address, type the name in the add field for the appropriate list. Once the address is entered, click “Add”.
  • To individually remove an address from either list, click the trashcan icon to the right of the email address.

Quarantine Settings:

quarantine settings

Quarantine Notification – This feature allows you to select the interval at which Barracuda will email you a summary of quarantined emails.  You also have the option to specify an email address for the summary email. By default all summaries are sent to your WCU account.

Note: Be sure to save any changes you made before logging out of Barracuda.