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Employee Photo Gallery

New Employee Welcome

New Employee Welcome
Back (L-R): Theresa Irons (Custodial Services), Marie Geib (Academic Computing), Tara Easterling (Political Science), President Weisenstein (President's Office), Paige Carey (Graduate Studies), Noelson Chery (Custodial Services), Alaina Costa (Admissions), Jonathan Howie (Admissions) Front (L-R): Colleen Bradley (Budget Office), Judy Oulouhojian (Finance and Business Services), Joyce Ritz (Admissions)

Student Affairs

Student Affairs' Stephanie Paulachok, Ellen DiSanti and Claire Masi



Ken Husar, Finance and Business Services



Bernadette Hinkle, Finance and Business Services



Ray Carabello, Finance and Business Services



Greg Cuprak, Facilities



Bob Bollinger, Plant Operations


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