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Thank You for Investing in Yourself.

CLICK HERE to review and choose the enrichment that appeals to you.  We also encourage you to share what you learned with others and encourage other people to participate in these worthwhile learning opportunities. Click on the month below to print out the word document for each month's learning opportunities. Hang on bulletin boards and make it a team effort by having everyone in your office participate in the webinars and teleseminars.  It is a great opportunity to share what you learn with others and apply itto what you do on a daily basis! 

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Additional On-campus Enrichment Opportunities:

Office of Social Equity     The Week at WCU  (Art, athletics, music, theatre, dance, and lecture series)

Do You Want Enrichment Off-Campus?
National Seminars Star 12 Program  (affiliated with Rockhurst University)

WCU employees can experience unlimited trainings throughout the year for only $249. Go online at for a complete listing of courses, dates, times and locations. If you decide that you would like to take advantage of the Star 12 Program offer, please follow the two steps listed below:

Step One: Ask your supervisor about the procedure/process to secure "Staff Development Funding”.
Step Two: Contact Molly Nece with the HR Office of Organizational Development (610.738.0476 or who will register you for your Star12 membership.