Campus Recreation

West Chester University

Student Recreation Center
Campus Recreation
275 North Campus Dr.
West Chester, PA 19383
Ph: 610.436.1REC
Fax: 610.436.3088

Mission Statement

The Sport Club program at West Chester University strives to encourage participation, socialization, and competition of student organized sports clubs to create added experiences that will enhance physical fitness and foster a spirit of competition.

Learning Outcomes

  1. By participating in the sports clubs, students will be able to develop life skills such as organization, work ethic, and communication all within a club/team environment.
  2. At the completion of an academic year, sports club participants will have obtained the goals within the Mission Statement.
  3. The elected Executive Board members of each respective sports club will be able to list and describe the opportunities that sports clubs provide to its particpating students.
  4. Elected Executive Board members will be able to gain experience by serving as the liaison between their respective Sport Club and the Department of Campus Recreation.