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  • •  E.O. Bull 120
  • •  Phone: 610-436-3463
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Student Opportunities

National Organizations

Students in the Department of Theatre & Dance also regulary are involved with activities in the following organizations to gain further understanding of their field of choice and also participate in adjudications or master classes with working theatre and dance artists:

Study Abroad

Department of Theatre and Dance faculty lead a student expedition to Oxford England. With meetings in both West Chester and Oxford, participants will have the opportunity to experience the theatrical literature in both practice and production, and visit a number of historic and contemporary playhouses. Previous topics have included creative solutions for staging Elizabethan drama in a modern context, theatrical architecture and its effect on the evolution of theatrical production, and transforming art into life. For additional information, please contact the Department of Theatre and Dance main office at 610-436-3463, or TheatreDance@wcupa.edu, or stop by the EO Bull Center (corner of High and Rosedale), Rm 020.